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Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

The Top 5 Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer There's only so many clients a personal trainer can train. How many times have you wanted to work out with the Best Personal Trainer in your gym, but he's been fully booked so you've had to train with the second best. Or you've trained with a decent trainer, but your friend who's training with his colleague Personal Trainer is getting better results but you feel bad for switching so you have to stick with your original guy. Or you simple have never been able to afford a Personal Trainer because the cost just doesn't justify it? Here's our top 5 reasons and benefits of training with an Online Personal Trainer 1)...

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Are carbs really the enemy?

With diets like the Atkins diet, prooving that cutting carbs out completely has proven to be effective and speed up weightloss rapidly. It’s hard for our brains to really believe carbs can also help us shed weight. I’ve tried it myself. I’ve cut out carbs completely for months without seeing any progress or weight loss. My old PT used to say “you’re a lost cause” and blamed it on my weekends of partying for my incapibitly of losing any weight. I used to train with him 3 x a week, I was at the gym 6 days a week. Okay I may have consumed a whole pizza to myself and a whole basket of bread on a Saturday night. But...

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