The Game Changer Kitchen Owner

This is me Alessandra with my second child Demi-Leigh born in January 2021 during lockdown…at home with no midwives present 😂I also have a 4 year old boy 🙃

I used to have a 9-5 job from the age of 17-27, moved to London, then to Spain, then back to Mk, I was unfulfilled, I’d listen to motivational podcasts all day and try not to fall asleep at my desk, so after ten years working a full time office job, I went part time and studied nutrition on my two days off a week, Jake was a personal trainer so I thought we could do something together…we then got pregnant in 2018, I had an intuition to not tell my boss until I legally had to at 25 weeks. The day after I told him, he sacked me (went to court, didn't win)...

Being 25 weeks pregnant I struggled to get a job, so my dad kindly let me work a few hours in his coffee shop to earn money to pay my bills and mortgage.

Jake suggested I started cooking healthy meals for his clients to earn some money…so I created low calorie tasty meals and it snowballed… I ended up having my own kitchen unit with a chef and a kitchen assistant making almost 500 meals each week.

We then got the opportunity to take over the cafe inside Fitness First in November 2019, lockdown shortly happened after, having a place inside a big brand had many problems we had no access to the cafe during lockdown. So throughout lockdown I managed to survive financially with a lot of afternoon tea & treat boxes. I brought a trailer in the second year of lockdown, turned it into a coffee and cake trailer, saved and saved!

We decided we should look for two units next to each other as Jake also had to be out of his gym at the same time, we looked for 6 months, many times I thought I should give up and work for someone else, until we finally found the units we are in!

I get asked often, did we get a business loan? No. We worked our arses off, we had no social life (and still don’t) we borrowed a tiny bit from two family members and the rest we maxed out credit cards 😅

Jake managed to get his gym open in 2 weeks and the cafe open in 4 weeks as we started running out of money and needed to open 🤣

Fast forward a year, the unit next door became available, as much as I was happy with my small cute pink cafe, I couldn't regret the opportunity of expanding the cafe into the next door unit. I'm a strong believer of "Everything happens for a reason" so I took the risk and have taken the next door unit, which is more than double the size. We're now open and I'm soooo pleased with the new improved Game Changer Kitchen, it is so beautiful. I'm now just waiting for soft play to arrive mid October! 

It has always been a dream of mine, I’m so grateful how busy the cafe is from day 1, I didn’t consider how relentless it is, how difficult staff can be. How much I have to keep on top of everything constantly. Plus being a mum of two 🥴

However, I am so thankful to everyone that comes in and my amazing team, we’re all still learning daily and trying to be better and do better 💕 we will get there.

The cafe is my third baby, I absolutely love being there. It's completely different to anywhere in Milton Keynes with a cake counter of cakes made in house daily, everything is made fresh including the hollandaise sauce haha which is so rare for some reason. It's not fast food, it's fresh food! And our coffee is soooo good, we use Wooden Hill local coffee roaster, everyone compliments the coffee daily! 

Hope to see you soon!