Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

The Top 5 Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

Online Personal Trainer

There's only so many clients a personal trainer can train. How many times have you wanted to work out with the Best Personal Trainer in your gym, but he's been fully booked so you've had to train with the second best. Or you've trained with a decent trainer, but your friend who's training with his colleague Personal Trainer is getting better results but you feel bad for switching so you have to stick with your original guy. Or you simple have never been able to afford a Personal Trainer because the cost just doesn't justify it?

Here's our top 5 reasons and benefits of training with an Online Personal Trainer

1) It's Affordable

Everyone's prices are different for Online Personal Training, so we're just going to be comparing our prices. To train with Jake Wilkins face to face in the gym, he charges £40 per hour, so if you wanted to train with him 4 times per week, that's £160 per week. For 4 weeks of training with Jake in the gym 4 times per week would cost you £640 every 28 days.

Whereas, with our Online Personal Training package, which gives you access to 4 workouts per week created by Jake Wilkins bespoke to you. Plus, you can log your food log, add progress photos, message Jake directly from the app. All of this for only £65 PER MONTH - That works out at £4 per workout! That's 10 times less than his face to face rate.

2) You can workout whenever, wherever you want to 

I used to have a Personal Trainer in Marbella, but I had to travel to Gibraltar every day. I was only able to train with my Personal Trainer on a Saturday as the gym in Marbella wasn't open till 7am, which meant we couldn't train before I headed off for my daily commute. By the time I got home from work, my Personal Trainer finished working at 3pm, so I had no choice but to join the gym in Gibraltar to train on my lunch.  I had absolutely no idea what to do at the gym in the weekdays, so was training at 50% of my capacity Mon-Friday and giving it 100% on a Saturday. As you can imagine, I didn't get the best results, if any. 

Having an Online Personal Trainer means you can go into any gym in any country, whether you're on holiday, on a work trip, staying round a friends and fancy training in the gym. You simply open up your app and follow the workout programs set for you and know you're going to get the best results and have an insane workout no matter where you are.

3) You can train with the best Personal Trainer, anywhere.

Say you had a Personal Trainer you've been training with, but he/she suddenly has to move countries or you move countries, or he/she decides it's not the career for them so they pack it in. You have no choice but to either a) Find a new personal trainer b) Learn to train on your own.

Having them train you "online" from a phone/computer/laptop they can still train you and create plans for you to stick to, check in on you weekly/daily/monthly. 

There's so many online fitness inspo on Instagram that look physically insane, but live in America. Most of them have workouts you can buy to train you on what exercises to do, how often and what to eat to guide you and educate you.

4) Workout at your own pace

You may never have had a Personal Trainer in your life, because you fear they will push you too hard or you're not fit enough to last the whole hour session. I personally hate someone telling me to "lift more" "come on one more rep" Yes, they're trying to motivate you, but I personally get irritated and I'm thinking "don't tell me what to do", I would rather have my headphones in, some decent music in the background (Drake) and workout at my own pace.

That's the joy of having an Online Personal Trainer, you know the workout they've created for you is to challenge you and get the best workout session, so it's up to you to smash it and completely up to you how heavy you lift, how slow you go. Although, there's usually a maximum rest period so you can achieve maximum weight loss in a certain amount of time. 

5) Motivation & Communication at your fingertips 

With our online app, you have to tick when you've completed a workout, we then receive a notification that your workout has been completed. We can see how many workouts you've completed each work, so this will keep you motivated to want to complete your 4 workouts each week. You can also message Jake directly through the app for anything about anything (workout/food related obv) to check your food, if you're struggling with an exercise or if you can't go to the gym for a week, whatever it is, you can message him, so it's like you've got him there motivating you all day, everyday! 

I mean, if you're not sold on an Online Personal Trainer already, I'm surprised you read this whole article. Check out our Monthly Personal Trainer package and read up exactly what's included here. 


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