Are carbs really the enemy?

With diets like the Atkins diet, prooving that cutting carbs out completely has proven to be effective and speed up weightloss rapidly. It’s hard for our brains to really believe carbs can also help us shed weight.

I’ve tried it myself. I’ve cut out carbs completely for months without seeing any progress or weight loss. My old PT used to say “you’re a lost cause” and blamed it on my weekends of partying for my incapibitly of losing any weight. I used to train with him 3 x a week, I was at the gym 6 days a week. Okay I may have consumed a whole pizza to myself and a whole basket of bread on a Saturday night. But could that really have stunted my weight loss?

I listened to a podcast once, they mentioned Genetic metabolism. I had one of those A-ha moments. I’m Italian, both my mum and dad are Italian. Both are incredibly thin without having to work out – ever! They eat carbs all day long; pastries for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner. I am meant to eat carbs – alleluliah! I love carbs.

We need carbs to fuel our body. Carbs contain glucose, this is our body's main source for energy! Without carbs, our energy will naturally be low. 

Have you ever noticed when you cut our carbs you become moodier, crankier and constantly HANGRY? Or is that just me? 

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