Day 8

I've officially done a week of blogging. It's harder than eating healthy. 🤣

To put the time aside to document what I've eaten, track my calories, weighing my food, it takes a lot of effort. It also takes a lot of time, which we don't seem to have enough of.

I haven't weighed ANY of my food this whole weekend, last Sunday when I started blogging my food diaries, I had the intention to be super strict for four weeks. Now a week in, I've realised this is not realistic FOR ME.

Quick summary of what I've eaten today: 

I started the day with a coffee with almond milk and Jake kindly made me breakfast this morning. The same as yesterday - Chocolate Protein Pancakes with banana today and also chocolate peanut butter. So tasty! 

We went to Tesco and I brought a pack of propercorn chocolate flavour, around 60 calories per bag. I had one bag whilst going around the aisles.

I then went to the gym and Jake trained me.

I drove to Essex for my friends baby shower, it was the most gorgeous set up. Her mum organised it for her, it was just perfect! There was a donut wall, plenty of food and cakes... I actually didn't have a chance to eat anything, I had a sip of bubbles though.

As I'm writing this is 9.45pm and Jake made me the most tastiest roast dinner. I've just realised he's cooked twice for me today...I've trained him well. 😜



You may have not had the best weekend with your food, but don't beat yourself up about it. It's all about making small changes that take you closer to your goal. 

Get organised for the week by prepping your food ahead. That's if you're not one of our customers  😎 Prepping your food for the week ahead give you one less thing to think about. 

Schedule in your workouts on your phone, the days you plan to go to the gym to keep you accountable. 





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