Day 6

Happy Friday! 

It's 6.10pm as I'm writing this daily blog/diary entry. I've already put Georgie to sleep 😴 I know it's so early, but he's been driving me mad all day! I need him to sleep so I can try and sort the house out before Jake comes home.

I'm usually always doing something and am always out and about busy. So today I thought I would stay home ALL DAY! I still had work emails to respond to, newsletters to send, social media posts, customers to contact. The Game Changer Kitchen has a 6pm Friday deadline to get orders in for the following week. So many people forget, so I have to nudge them.

Anyways, boredom kicked in around 12pm and I wanted to eat everything in site. 👀Fortunately and unfortunately we had no biscuits to eat, so I decided to attempt to make my own protein cookies.👩‍🍳I am NOT a baker, hence why I outsource the Protein Brownies and Protein Cheesecake.  For some reason, even if I follow a cake recipe to a T, it's an absolute disaster.

Completely made up the recipe and didn't calculate the macros before hand. They work out at 100 calories each. The picture below makes them look much nicer than they were.

Protein Biscuits

They don't taste great, but I still reached for a second biscuit = 200 calories. Definitely not worth 200 calories, at all! 

I heat a Cajun Chicken before I reach for another of those cookies. I add Kale and some leftover Broccoli from Georgie's weaning.

Cajun Chicken

Georgie has wanted all my attention all day long especially whilst I'm trying to work on the laptop. 😖

So I decide we both could do with some fresh air. So I take him for a walk to the local shops and we hit Asda. Plus, I'm not going to the gym today, so any type of exercise is good, even if it's just 10 minute walk to the shops and back.

In Asda I walked down every aisle. Staring at biscuits and contemplating to buy a pack and not document it on this blog...I promise I didn't.

I ended up buying 4 pots (4 for 3, cheers Asda) of Nestle LINDAHL's Straciatella yoghurt, made from quark cheese and sweeteners. 17g per pot and under 100 calories. I had a tablespoon earlier, it's not the sweetest yoghurt and takes a while to get used to...a bit like my cookies earlier. 

Georgie and I go to Costa coffee for a sugar free caramel americano with soya milk and  I grabbed a pot of fruit for Georgie, so he can suck on a pineapple and melon.


It's 6.20pm - Jake doesn't get home till 8pm and called me on the way home  "I think we deserve a treat" 

I have been dreaming about Chinese all week long. 🤤 

3 hours later, It's 9.20pm and we had a Chinese. I always eat my take aways on a small plate, to stop me from overreating. I've overeaten a couple of times and no exaggeration have ended up in hospital. 

Once when I was pregnant, I hated the fact I was so full all the time, I could barely eat, so I pushed myself to eat more than I could chew, and projectile vomited all night long. Another time was over christmas, I ate too much cheese and pate and had severe acid reflux, I actually thought I was dying.  😨 

9.30pm We've eaten our Chinese and I'm now calculating our numbers for The Game Changer Kitchen. I have to calculate all the meat per meal to send over to our butcher to order in.



I am really craving chocolate. We have none in the house, apart from dark chocolate. 😫

We'd usually have a takeaway then bags of chocolate; minstrels, counters and maltesers. I've asked Jake to nip to the shops...he tells me I should go, cause he went to get the chinese - fair point, but I'm busy calculating these numbers and can't get distracting. As I'm typing I watch him dip his hand into cold chips from the Chinese, as if they are salt and vinegar crisps. 🤣

10.40pm - For the first time on a Friday that I can remember, we've not eaten countless amount of chocolate. Instead, I finished my yoghurt from earlier painfully slowly, with an added square of chocolate to take away the sharpness from the quark cheese. I'm actually pretty full from the Chinese, but that yoghurt and dark chocolate has not done the trick. 😅

So I've just suggested sharing a Grenade bar with Jake, but who's going to get up from the sofa to get it. 😋 

I haven't bothered adding the Chinese to MyFitnessPal. It wouldn't be accurate, I know I've gone over my daily calories, I'm definitely not in a deficit today. However, I didn't over indulge in my Chinese. 

I had 3 or 4 chicken balls, 4 prawn crackers, a large handful of chips and a few tablespoons of chicken curry sauce with special fried rice. 

In case you're wondering what happened to the Cinema tonight...We are going tomorrow instead. Apart from that walk, I wanted to stay and chill all day long, so much so, I've dented our sofa from being sat on it all day. 😳

Jakes Diary: 

  1. Standard overnight oats; almond milk, peanut butter, oats, banana and algave. 
  2. He made a protein shake mixed with water.
  3. Bacon sandwich from Costa and a almond milk flat white. Surrisingly he didn't buy his Bakewell today.
  4. He had a birthday cake grenade bar.
  5. He attempted my protein cookies when he got home and had to spit it out, he said he tried to keep chewing to make it taste better, but nothing about the cookie was working. 
  6. He had a generous serving of chinese and now we're going to share a Grenade.

I have a busy day tomorrow, I'm going to head to the gym in the morning, I then have an event to go to, which I'll explain in tomorrows post. 



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