Day 5

I've decided to split this blog up throughout the day, it takes an hour or so to write each evening, so I've made it more of a live feed diary..



So if you read my post from yesterday, you're all wondering if I got up to go to the gym this morning...I did wake up and get up at 6.30am...but my eyes were burning and Georgie woke up countless times throughout the night to feed. He is SO hungry recently, I need to up his vegetables. 

I WILL go to the gym today, I WILL! 

Yesterdays breakfast was only 10g of Protein which meant I struggled to eat all my protein for the day, so I've made my usual bowl of chocolate oats, but with the protein powder. I added it towards the end and mixed it up and left it for 5 minutes, it tastes so much sweeter than the other day. I chose not to add peanut butter today, as I know I'm going to have it later on ryvitas.

I'm going to Bedford today to see my cousin, she's 26 with 3 kids (4, 1, 2 months) Call her brave or crazy... you decide.

8pm - I went to Costa earlier with my cousin and her newborn baby boy. I had an Americano with almond milk and sugar free caramel - I always drink my coffee in take away cups, it keeps them hotter for longer 💁‍♀️ 

I then grabbed a snack from boots Fulfil Protein chocolate bar hazelnut whip flavour, it was so nice! First time I've tried it. 

I brought two Cajun chickens with me to have back at my cousins house, I had so many to eat get through by today. Mondays meals are cooked in the kitchen and need to be eaten by Thursday or frozen. She absolutely loved it, or she was just being polite. 🤔

Cajun Chicken for lunchCosta Coffee

I ended up going to the gym at 4pm, Jake watched Georgie for half an hour whilst I trained. I'm never in the gym longer than half an hour, unless I stop chatting!

I started off with a 60 second quick warm up on the rower. 

Followed by tricep pull downs, assisted pull ups,  seated row, overhead tricep extensions, dumbbell snatches,  dumbbell bent over rows, and lastly finished off with two 30 second sprints on the treadmill. I stupidly wore my nursing bar instead of a sports bra, so I had to hold my boobs whilst sprinting. 🤣

So I'm day 5 into strictly calorie counting and Jake keeps telling me "you're 5 days in, you need to take a before photo" I will once I pluck up the courage. 

At around 7pm, I had butternut squash risotto for dinner, I added a HUGE serving of broccoli on the side, broccoli is so underrated. I actually put it in the tupperware and steamed it! 

Butternut Squash Chicken Risotto

Daily food MyFitnessPal

I now have 400 calories left and buzzing to have the same dessert I had last night. It was so tasty. I'll try and make it pretty tonight.

Protein Yoghurt

10pm - I left a tablespoon of my dessert, it was SO filling. As I fill the last of MyFitnessPal, I realise my oats from the morning are 3g instead of 30g, which makes me go over my daily goals. 

Daily calories

For Valentines I bought Jake a token gift of vouchers as a joke. Tonight he presented me with my first one. 🙊

Cinema for tomorrow night, with a cocktail and sweets...I'm happy to be super strict on the weekdays, but I'm going to be much more flexible over the weekends. 


Food is to be enjoyed and food makes me happy. Tracking calories is mainly to understand the value of calories there are in certain foods and portion sizes. I wouldn't recommend calorie counting for life, unless you enjoy it. I'm already hating weighing my breakfast and desert, luckily I have The Game Changer Kitchen meals weighed and portioned for me for lunch and dinner.


Jakes food: 

Jake was very shocked to see how little he ate yesterday, so he was on a mission today to up his food intake,

He started off with his usual oats; oats, almond milk, coconut peanut butter, banana and algave. 

He then had a standard  The Game Changer Kitchen Butternut Squash Risotto with Sage Chicken

He then didn't eat anything until 9.30pm  😱He always has back to back clients, so doesn't have time to eat.

He did a small food shop at our local Asda and came back with spicy rice cracketr, avocado, parma ham and olives. 

Look at that spread...


He heated up The Game Changer Kitchen Spicy Turkey Chilli Con Carne with rice and ate that. 

It's 10.20pm and he plans to eat The Game Changer Kitchen Cajun Chicken Sweet Potato Mash. 

Each standard meal is only 500 calories, on average depending on your size as a man, you should be eating minimum 2500 calories per day. His calories for the day, if he eats the Cajun dish will be under 2500. 

He says " Progress not Perfection" 



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