Day 4

I can't even remember what time I was woken up this morning by lil man. 😴

I wasn't going to attempt another burnt rye bread fiasco, so I've played it safe this morning. 🤣 With my sweet bowl of hot chocolate porridge with a small banana. 

I'm on day 3 of weaning Georgie trying a new vegetable every day, broccoli today, even for breakfast. 🤢

 Morning porridge

Once Georgie was with his sitter, I went and spent the day at The Game Changer Kitchen today. Like I mentioned on Monday I don't usually eat on prep days but this week I have been so hungry. So I stopped for five minutes and had the Cajun Chicken with sweet potato mash and added 40g of Kale in the tupperware and it steams it perfectly when microwaving it. 😍

Cajun Chicken

I keep eating Kale because I love it, but it also has so many benefits, it contains fibre, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin K and so much more, plus I'm breastfeeding still so every little helps! 


You'd think spending the day around food cooking all day long would put me off of food...NEVER!

By the time I got home from work and put Georgie to sleep it was 7pm. Gutted I completely missed an afternoon snack! 😳

I made extra meals for me and Jake, this time Instead of all the Cajuns otherwise this blog would be pretty boring, so I made a few extras of each meal.

Tonight I had the Turkey Meatball Parmesan pasta and also added 40g kale. If I wasn't eating The Game Changer Kitchen meals, I would have had a mountain of pasta on my plate without considering portion control.

The plate of food below is 503 calories to be precise, which is plenty for dinner. It's also a balanced plate of protein, carbs and fat. 

You can see, I still haven't kicked my squash habit 😬

Turkey Meatball gluten Free Pasta

I added all my food to MyFitnessPal to see what I was left with and I had around 400 calories, so I made a big bowl of delicious randomness. 🙈 Last night I said I'd stop with the protein snacks and naughty treats, so I'm sticking to that...until Friday. Me and Jake keep talking about the Chinese we're going to have on Friday 😈

I made a huge bowl of; 0% greek Yoghurt, frozen berries, chocolate protein powder, oats and 2 squares of dark chocolate. I did take a photo but it looked like slop BUT tasted like protein ice cream, very yum! Full of protein and also 9g of fibre.



I'm pretty much bang on target with my daily goals. 💪🏾

I didn't go to the gym today, I never do on a Monday or Wednesday (meal prep days). I have set the intention to go tomorrow morning at 7am, that's when Jake can fit me in. I'll drop Georgie off to my mums for half hour...I'll let you know if that happens tomorrow.  😏 


In tonights blog post, I've decided to add what Jake eats in a day, rather than just me. Most of our customers are men, so if any guys are reading this, it's good for you to have an insight, although he's been so busy today, he hasn't eaten much at all. 

Jake's Food Diary written by Ale

He started his day with a coffee with almond milk and a generous serving of algave syrup. His breakfast was a tupperware of overnight oats made of; oats, coconut peanut butter, algave, banana, almond milk.

For lunch he has the standard sized Chicken Paella without chorizo.

For dinner he had a standard size of Turkey Meatballs parmesan pasta.

His dessert was a bowl of coco pops. 

He then rummages through the kitchen cupboards as I'm typing this he says in the background "this is the first time we have nothing naughty to eat in the house, this is tragic"  🤣

In desperation he comes back with a finger covered in Nutella... filling. 🤷🏼‍♂️

He's eaten less calories than I have today! He usually aims to eat double this - around 3000 calories. He's shocked to see how little he's eaten and is aiming to eat more tomorrow.  

So I guess this shows two sides; me trying to portion control and be more conscious of what I'm eating to lose fat and he needs to increase his daily energy to recomp (process of reducing body fat and adding muscle mass).

If you got this far, thanks for taking time to read. This is mainly to help myself, but if this post helps anyone, my day is complete. 




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