Day 3

Day 3 of my 30 day challenge.

Georgie woke me up at 4.30am…cheers mate.

🙄Managed to put him back to sleep again until 7am.

Tuesday’s I get the days off to try and catch up on life, I usually go to the gym, attempt house chores, although Jake is the house fairy, Georgie’s a good enough excuse to avoid the laundry pile. 😜

Anyways I fancied a savoury breakfast today, so the intention was to have 2 eggs scrambled with Flora light butter, spinach and rye bread. We got rid of our toaster months ago, which I regretted massively this morning. I tried to bake the rye bread in the oven and it fell to pieces. So then I tried to grill another slice and left it under the grill slightly too long…see photos below. 😩

I could have tried a third time “third time lucky” and all that, but I didn’t have time to wait, so I’ve ended up with a low carb breakfast, I have carbs with everything usually. This breakfast was not what I envisioned. 

Rye bread Low carb Scrambled egg and spinach
I dropped Georgie off to my lil brother who has the week off college, to meet Jake at the gym for 10am. My lil brother is also the delivery driver for The Game Changer Kitchen.
Me and Jake at the Gym
I rocked The Game Changer Kitchen Nike jumper at the gym. 😎

Forgetting I had a massive leg session with Jake, my low carb breakfast was not ideal and gave me little to no energy, I only managed a mouthful of coffee this morning too…but I still rocked up and smashed my workout! Jake takes no excuses at the gym, so he would have refused to train me if I had turned up with a can't be arsed attitude. 👹

I weighed myself on the fancy scales at the gym and was pretty surprised to see I’m back at my pre pregnancy weight, but my fat percentage is a lot higher than it used to be. I weigh the same, but have less muscle and more fat than I did before I was pregnant. 1 pound of fat weighs the same as 1 pound of muscle, but fat takes up more space making me look bulkier than I used to. 

Fat vs muscle

Anyways so my other brother calls me at the gym to watch my nephew for a couple of hours, so I pick him up and we go to my dads cafe in Fenny Stratford - Gino’s Cafe. I wasn’t planning to eat there as I prepped my meals yesterday purposely and the Cajun Chicken was meant to be my lunch and it was only 11.30am. 🙃

My dad has ham and cheese croissants, all the pastries, jacket potatoes and delicious paninis to choose from. As I’m being more conscious of my daily energy intake I’ve gone for a wholemeal toastie. I made myself behind the sandwich bar fresh with two slices of wholemeal bread no butter. Loads of fresh ham, he has cooked Italian ham on the bone and slices it there, so delicious. 🤤 I added a tiny bit of cheddar cheese and slices of tomato and sweetcorn, so there’s some sort of veg in there and toasted it, his staff cut it up all nicely for me. 

Teaandtoastie    Nephew and Son in Fenny stratford Gino's Cafe

With every meal, I aim to have Carbs, protein, fat and a bit of veg.

Alongside The Game Changer Kitchen, this week I’ve decided to relaunch my old business I set up a couple of years ago called My Personalised Baby - Personalised baby clothes. Everything is currently sold out online, I’m changing the items and relaunching it properly in a few weeks.
I used to use my mums embroidery machine, which is far too big. This morning I found another machine, much smaller, but in Luton. So me, Jake and Georgie road trip to Luton to buy this machine.

We did a petrol pit stop and I grabbed a random Vegan bar, it was actually super tasty and only 125 calories. Made with natural ingredients. 

Excuse the chipped gel polish 😳

Raw Cacao Vegan Bar

On the way back from Luton, we went to look at a private studio for Jake. He’s finishing off his Strength and Conditioning coaching qualification, so the next step for him is to have his very own studio. Exciting stuff!!

On the way home we popped into Costa coffee around the corner from our house and Jake had a raspberry bakewell, his guilty pleasure, even at 450 calorie per slice. 👀

I just had a coffee - a small almond cappuccino with sugar free caramel. 

I started tracking MyFitnessPal throughout the day. So I’m pleased to see I have 975 calories left as I write this at 6.30pm. 👌🏻

I’m about to put Georgie to sleep and plan to have my Cajun Chicken Dinner which is under 500 calories, like all the standard meals we have. All under 500 calories and 40g of protein!  I’m going to add some Kale on the side. 

One hour later and Georgie is asleep and I’ve also devoured my dinner. 🐷

I added 40g Kale in the Tupperware and microwaved the meal with the Kale to steam it. I then sprinkled extra salt on top. I could eat this meal every day forever! The portions always surprise me, they seem never ending! 💁🏻

Cajun Chicken Dinner

Jake had the spicy turkey chilli con carne with a side of stale doritos and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Spicy Chilli Con Carne

If I wasn’t tracking my calories, I would intuitively eat, meaning I would listen to my body and probably be satisfied with just a Grenade bar at 200 calories, but because I know I have over 500 calories left to eat, I’m going to eat more than I usually would.

So I’ve taken two devon scone out of our freezer at 220 calories each (one each) and I have clotted cream and jam. I mean… it's not quite afternoon tea but it did just the trick, so sweet! 😍 

I'm so sad I actually portioned and weight the jam and clotted cream in Georgie's weaning pots 😅


I’ve added my scone to MyFitnessPal and have just under 200 calories left... still not decided whether I will finish my night with a Grenade bar...

1 hour later and I gave in and had the grenade bar, purely because I knew I could...a potential downfall to calorie counting 🤷‍♀️

I've ordered yoghurt and berries in our food shop tomorrow to help me cut down on the protein snacks and sugary foods over weekdays. Weekends I'll be much more lenient. I'm already dreaming of the chinese takeaway. 

Meal prep day for us tomorrow at The Game Changer Kitchen!




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