Day 2

Day 2 of tracking calories and being more attentive to what I eat... It's 8pm and I would usually be tucking into a packet of biscuits. 

I worked in The Game Changer Kitchen today, so I'm pretty tired and fancy some treats. 😩

Usually on a Monday, we'd have a lot of naughty snacks left from the weekend. 😈As soon as I get home from cooking all day, I'd put lil man to sleep, put my feet up and mindlessly eat biscuits. I said to Jake today "I wish I didn't start that blog now, I really want biscuits" but like I said yesterday, the reason I started this is to keep me accountable!  🤦‍♀️

Of course I can have a few biscuits everyday if I wanted, but I'm an all or nothing kinda girl. I've been told I eat biscuits like crisps. 🙈There have been moments my mum has had to grab the bag of biscuits away from me the cookie monster 🍪

This morning Georgie-Ray woke me up at 6am, the bugger! I have no idea how to make him sleep longer.

I made myself a bowl of porridge, weighed every thing and decided to add MyProtein powder towards the end... if anyone has any tips on protein oats, I'm all ears. Mine always tastes powdery?! I add it in towards the end and give it a good old mix.

Morning Porridge

Porridge morning

I then managed a mouthful of coffee before I had to drop Georgie off to his God Mummy.

Obviously working in a kitchen cooking, I have to taste test. Absolutely impossible to track this?! 

I don't usually eat throughout the day on a Monday or a Wednesday, but today I was absolutely famished. I added a few extra Chicken and Chorizo Paellas  without the chorizo, I ended up eating half of this towards the end of the day and shared it with Jake.

As I don't know how to track a few mouthfuls, I've ended up adding the whole Chicken and Chorizo Paella to MyFitnessPal to compensate the additional tasting calories.

Every week I add extra meals for me and Jake, otherwise we'd be eating Takeaway every night. I added an extra 7 Cajun Chicken, Sweet Potato Mash and Green Beans so I can have it for lunch and dinner, the Mondays meals last until Thursday without having to freeze them. Unless Jake takes some, that's me sorted till Thursday Dinner. It's my favourite meal, yet it's the most simplest and boring, but I just love sweet potato mash and prefer simple meals 🤤 

Our customers range from ordering one of everything or ordering the same meal for the week, I'm clearly the latter! 

No surprise tonights dinner was the Cajun Chicken, which was ready in 3 minutes in the microwave, I didn't even take it out the Tupperware...because why would I want to wash up a plate when I don't need to...

Cajun Chicken

I then put Georgie to sleep and made myself another bowl of chocolate porridge.

I can see my food on here may get repetitive. Sorry in advance. 😶

I made the bowl of oats with 10g coco powder, 10g algave, 100g frozen forest fruit, 30g oats, 200ml of unsweetened milk. 

I've not been able to kick my squash habit yet. Not sure about my photography skills taking more of the rug than my bowl 🤷‍♀️

Evening porridge


Black Forest Porridge

As I'm typing this I am still hungry and calculating my macros on MyFitnessPal. I am buzzing to see I still have calories to eat, alleluia! I am starving!!  🐷 I tend to eat most of my calories in the evening.

 Calories left for the day

I've added a Grenade bar to my daily food on MyFitnessPal to bring my calories almost bang on, my macros aren't 100%, but I'm not to concerned about that, as my grams of protein are pretty high. The Game Changer Kitchen meals have 40g in all the meals, which helps massively towards my protein goals.

Super pleased I can have another sweet treat to this evening 😋


Grenade Bar

Again no exercise today - Mondays and Wednesdays are my no exercise days, I run around in The Game Changer Kitchen, so it's a workout in itself. 

Jake is training me tomorrow, however! 

He has half a day tomorrow and we still have a voucher my sister gifted us for our birthday for Afternoon Tea to use at Gabriella's in Olney. You'll find out tomorrow if I've given in to it... 😜

Ciao for now! 




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