Day 1

So tomorrow I'm officially 5 months postpartum, there's only so long I can get away with saying "I've just had a baby"

I also have 4 weeks today until my baby's Christening. I bought a white jumpsuit which currently does not fit me!! I'd say I have a good inch to lose, everywhere. 

I was fortunate to put on less than a stone with Georgie-Ray. I last weighed myself in January and I had 1kg to shift still, BUT I'm not too bothered about what the scale says. I go with how I look in the mirror and if my size 8 clothes are snug or not.

I've been eating junk food since finding out I was pregnant, that's a whole 14 months of junk food. I've not been able to get out of the bad habits; squash in my drink, costa daily with sugar free syrup, chocolates and biscuits EVERY evening, Chinese every week, dominoes most weeks (as well as the Chinese, not in one day).

I went to the gym right up until my due date and trained a minimum of 5 times per week during my whole pregnancy. Since running a business and working in the Kitchen on a Monday and Wednesday and now obviously having my son, I'm lucky if I get to train 3 times a week. 

I've decided to write a daily blog post on here, to keep me accountable and to keep me on track over the next four weeks with gym workouts and my food. It's going to take a lot of will power, as I have a busy few weeks with; baby showers and networking events. Excuses... 

I didn't track my calories throughout the day today, as I'm writing this I'm also calculating my daily energy intake on MyFitnessPal with no idea how much my food calories are for the day.

To drop body fat, I need to be eating less than my body requires. As I said above I don't care about the scale, but I think I have around 4 pounds of fat to lose.

So my aim is to drop 1 pound of fat per week, in 4 weeks. There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, so divided by 7 days in a week = 500 calories per day that  I need to either eat less or burn by working out more, or I can do a combination of both.

Sunday 17th February Food Diary

I started the day with a bowl of my favourite chocolate porridge. I weighed everything today, I don't usually, unless I'm trying to shift some fat, one heaped tablespoon compared to a levelled tablespoon can make a hell of a difference! 

Chocolate Peanut Porridge


I forgot to take a picture of my porridge. It's much more carb heavy than I thought it would be, I sometimes add protein powder to balance the carbs and protein, but I forgot to today. The 300mls of milk above, includes my morning coffee too.

We went to see the church after breakfast, so on route, we picked up coffees, my second coffee of the day. I usually go for a sugar free gingerbread almond milk cappucino, but as I knew I was going to be tracking it, I went for an americano with sugar free caramel syrup and soya milk. 

Costa Coffee

After church I went to Boots, I'm starting to wean Georgie tomorrow, so I had to buy some bowls and storage pots for his food. I was starving, so I grabbed a Trek bar and ate it at the till - breastfeeding mum hunger pangs. 


Trek Peanut Bar

After a spot of shopping, I went home to heat some food up. The Game Changer Kitchen exhibited at Fit Fab Fest yesterday, we made enough of our Spicy Chilli Turkey Con Carne to feed an army, I ended up taking it home so me and Jake now have 2 days worth of food. 

I had a serving of the Spicy Chilli with a tiny sweet potato which I forgot to weigh, but according to MyFitnessPal the calories are the same with the usual potato. 

Spicy ChilliSpicy Turkey Chilli with Sweet Potato


I tried to find my meal on MyFitnessPal and couldn't find it, oops, that's one of my tasks for the business. I've added it now...

The Game Changer Kitchen Chilli con Carne

I then had a pear mid afternoon with a herbal tea. 

I prepped Georgie's food for tomorrow, his Godmother watches him on a Monday whilst I'm in The Game Changer Kitchen working from early hours till the evening. Tomorrow, he starts his day 1 of weaning with potato, so I mashed it up and I was about to taste some, but stopped myself to avoid having to add it on MyFitnessPal later this evening.

For dinner, I had the Turkey Chilli again with 50g of white rice. Which is 60 calories extra than with potatoes, but my chilli portion was smaller, so I've inputted the meal again. I know it's not 100% accurate. I'll do better tomorrow! 

I have the sweetest tooth, so I HAD to have something sweet after my dinner. Luckily, I had the expo bag left from yesterday and a few Grenade bars were left, so I took a White Chocolate one.

Total Calories for Day 1

This isn't 100% accurate as I didn't weigh my potato or chilli serving today, but my food intake has worked out to be around 1800 calories. My carbs are a lot higher than I want them to be.

I calculated my new macros to lose weight using this calculator found on Katy Hearns' site, I follow her on Instagram, she's also a new mum and juggling multiple businesses.

My Macros

I'm not going to reduce my calories this low as I breastfeed - A LOT, I have a hungry growing boy. So I've increased the calories by 500, which means I'll be aiming for a calorie intake of 1750 (rounded up, those 7 calories may count). 

Considering I wasn't tracking throughout the day today and it's a Sunday (who starts tracking on a Sunday!?) I'm pretty pleased with my food for the day. 

I do need to work on eating more vegetables and drink a lot more water, ideally a minimum of 2-3 litres per day, water also plays a huge part in weight loss. 

Not much to report on the exercise front today, as I didn't go to the gym today.

Day 1 out of 28 - smashed it!


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