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Emma Lander - Milton Keynes



showing that hard work pays off. So so proud of this guy, takes on anything and everything I throw at him. Absolutely pleasure training this dude for the past year. Shows up, no BS head down and gets it done. One of the most consistent people I've ever met. He's such a role model and makes me better -constantly learning and growing together. Take a bow my friend
Michael Shanks - Gibraltar

I've been training with Jake just over a year now and it's been a great journey, most of the time a painful one but it's been worth it.

I'm still losing weight, getting stronger each week and i'm also finally in what Jake likes to call the "100 club". Only with the Deadlift just now but pushing for more each time and it's definitely nice to know i can lift my own weight and then some. Looking forward to another year and seeing the results for summer, i might get into that Bikini yet. ;)

I would highly recommend Jake not only as a Trainer but a coach and mentor. He has helped me immensely.

Glen Mirr - Gibraltar

Mr Glen Mirr, one of the hardest working clients I have, what a dude. Screams the gym down, comes in gets it done.


Natasha Rebecca Cox - Milton Keynes

Very proud of this ones 6 week transformation 🙌🏼💯✔️ Tasha proving that hard work pays off. She's cleaned up her day to day diet but still enjoys her lifestyle and weekends, comes in to see me twice a week (looking like she wants to kill me) 


Mitchell Brown- Pro rugby - Toaster / Northahmpton Saints

Since starting training with Jake its been non-stop progression! 

Jake is organised with well planned engaging sessions in which Jake supports throughout helping with technique and meeting my personal goals. Jake has helped me to define workouts tailored to my sport. 

Jake has given fantastic nutritional advice, along with recipes all without using supplements. This was important to me as I wanted a clean natural diet. 

I look forward to continuing my session with Jake to reach my personal goals. 

I would recommend Personal training with Jake especially to fellow athletes. 



Beccy Brown (Mother of Mitchell Brown)  

I first came to meet jake when searching for a PT for my 17 year old son. I was very sceptical and distrusting as I know how dishonest the gym world can be. 

I was looking for someone to offer good nutritional advice without the use of lotions and potions (supplements) I wanted a role model who would demonstrate good gym sessions with appropriate techniques to achieve results that would satisfy my son’s need for fitness and muscle mass gain. 

I could not be happier with Jake, he keeps in touch with me with mini reports and has given great nutritional advice which has been wisely worded. 

I highly recommend Jake, his work has achieved great things for my son. 

Thanks for all your hard work with Mitchell. Thanks Beccy


Andrew Brachette 

 Jakes Wilkins is honestly an outstanding personal trainer, he is passionate and dedicated about helping you reach your goals. 

 He is always going above and beyond from what you would expect from a personal trainer, he has told me he keeps a note pad beside his bed, just in case he wakes with a different training idea. 

The sessions are always amended to help achieve the best results, Jake is able to do this due to his extensive knowledge, this is shown in my constant progress week on week. 

Jake gives non-stop encouragement which helps push you to your limits without you wanting to throw the towel in. 

I highly recommend Jake, you won't go wrong if you are looking to step your fitness up to the next level.