Best Tips to Earn More Money as a Personal Trainer

Are you a Personal Trainer? 
Or training to become a Personal Trainer?
Or thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer?
Are you paying a gym rent each month? 
Or are you working 'free hours' in exchange of not paying any rent? Cleaning machines, changingrooms and even toilets, yeah I've been there too - don't worry we all have!
Fed up of not knowing how much you're going to earn each month? Do you have a high churn rate of clients dropping off, especially over the Christmas period.
You've probably tried a few methods to keep on top of your income. 
1) Direct debits on the first or last day of the month - this won't work if you're on holiday for a week or if you clients cancel a few sessions in the month. 
2) Pay as you go clients - more end up cancelling as they haven't prepaid you.
You're already thinking how the hell are you going to keep at this for the next 5, 10, 20 years, you are absolutely broken by Friday and feel you need to hibernate at the end of everyday! 
Look no further. We've built an ONLINE fitness empire using a third party software, we now make 5 figures every month, yes, you read that correctly FIVE FIGURES per month - and growing each month!
How have we built our fitness app? Did we even build it? 
It's not easy, but boy is it better than being a cleaner in a gym 5 hours per day and working back to back, trying to fit in as many clients in as possible.
The only way for you to make more money being a face to face Personal Trainer is: 
1) Increase your prices
2) Have more clients
You may be at full capacity already so won't be able to fit any more clients. Your clients are probably loyal clients you've had for years, would you really want to piss them off by increasing your prices by an additional £5 per hour to probably get you an extra £300 per month in total? Is that really worth it?
We're not saying you need to completely pack it in with face to face clients, I haven't. I've kept my top 5 clients, which to be honest I class as mates now and I enjoy training them. 
So you love being a personal trainer right? If only you could earn more and if only you could go on holiday more without having to sacrifice your income for that week. 
You love being a personal trainer, but want to earn SO MUCH more.
You love your clients, but you want freedom to travel the world and go on holidays without feeling guilty.
You want Money and Freedom... We all want Financial Freedom! 
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