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Jake Wilkins Bootcamps

Jake Wilkins is the main trainer at Body & Mind Reboot Retreats.  Where you can lose weight, change body shape and tone up. Simplicity, sustainability and consistency is the key to fitness. The programs at Body & Mind Reboot are designed to help you build a positive relationship with real food and find ways to exercise & be active that suit your lifestyle and support you in achieving your goals. You get to eat a variety of good clean food and well balanced meals that leave you feeling nourished and energised.

Jake incorporates a variety of different exercises suitable for any age and fitness level.  Everyone has their own fitness levels, it’s not a competition so you go at your own pace and don't worry about anyone else. Group numbers are low, no more than 15, this ensures Jake to focus on everyone and each client gets the support they need.  Throughout the reboot, you'll have amazing reboot support in place to help you stay on track. 

During your stay you'll get to try a variety of exercise programmes such as; kettlebells, circuits, pilates, yoga, boxing and cardio. The exercise classes are combined with social events ensuring you have plenty of time to have fun and most importantly some down time to relax and reboot!  Our reboots are well known to meet likeminded people and make new friends that have similar interests to you.


Body & Mind Reboot

Read what others are saying about Body & Mind Reboot Retreats:

“Second time around at a reboot & couldn’t have enjoyed it more! Great opportunity to centre myself, focus on me & set some new year goals. Positive approach, non-judgemental and very focused on the individual.
Thank you Sheila, Ann, Shaun & big thanks to Jake - your advice has really helped me" 
“The atmosphere, trainers, food and walk were amazing. I was amazed at my body’s reactions to the level of exercises and the calmness this brought to my state of mind. I liked the fact that I could ask lots of questions on nutrition that were personal and specific to me."

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