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The new way to start your health and fitness journey

Online Fitness App

Access your workouts, anywhere, anytime. Follow workouts from your phone.

Have a certified personal trainer to motivate you, train you and keep you on the right track with The Game Changer Training app.  You can use The Game Changer Training on your phone, laptop or tablet. The best health and fitness app that updates you with weekly workouts bespoke to your fitness or weightloss goals. All the exercises have videos, making it super easy for you to follow each workout. You can be anywhere in the world and you can still reap the benefits of The Game Changer Training app. 

So what’s included in our monthly personal trainer package?

  • Easy to follow training programme bespoke for you and your goals and your lifestyle
  • Access to our Facebook group full of like minded people on the same journey as you, so you have a lot of support.
  • One to one coaching and weekly check ins from the talented Certified Personal Trainer Jake Wilkins
  • No large upfront costs you'd normally have with a personal trainer.
  • Continue support via email, phone, or text

Flexible & Affordable Training Plans, Training plans to suit your lifestyle

We also have a one week trial not to be missed here! 

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