Group Private Training


What the hell is group private training I hear you ask? 

  • It's run at The Game Changer Training based in Milton Keynes, MK17 9FE.
  • Max of 10 people per session.
  • 3 Sessions per week, enough for you to see and feel a difference.
  • Join our community, our clients are amazing and we want you to meet like minded people. We're all friends here. 
  • You get a bit of healthy competition, keeping you motivated throughout. 
  • It's a fraction of the price of one to one training. £10 per hour compared to £40 per hour.
  • Plus, you can join our FREE session ran on Saturday mornings making it 4 sessions per week...hook me up!

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 Each sessions is planned to:

  • Build your strength
  • Increase your fitness
  • Challenge you mentally & physically
  • Educate you on how to train
  • Increase your confidence & self-esteem
  • Enforce and establish healthy eating habits by developing good relationships with foods, learn how to flexibly fuel your body and keep your social life!

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