Our Chef

Meet our new Chef

Meal Prep Professional Chef
Crystall has been working in the industry for over 6 years. She worked in The Brasserie, Milton Keynes College, and previously worked in The Crooked Billet as Sous Chef, to award winning chef Jack Behjet who now is her partner. She has only just given birth 9 weeks ago and already is raring to get back into work... a woman after my own heart! 
What's your signature dish?
I don’t have a set dish that I like cooking, by not to toot my own horn, I cook some mean comfort food
If you had to bring three foods on a dessert island what would they be?
This isn’t even a tricky one, pasta, grapes..but they have to be green! Also, my guilty pleasure..crisps 
What do you avoid ordering in a restaurant?
Anything with eyes is a no go, shellfish isn’t an option either 
What would your last meal be?
Without a shadow of a doubt would be my dads bacon and cabbage..name doesn’t do it justice.
We're so excited to have Crystal on board, we're going to be releasing more options than ever! 
Tasty, restaurant quality meals all under 500 calories and under a fiver. Delivered fresh to your door weekly! Ready to be reheated in minutes, no shopping, no cooking and no washing up needed in the process... does it get better than this?
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