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What's included in our Weight Loss Coach Consultations?


Healthy Bespoke Meal Plans: 

One size does not fit all and doesn't work with weight loss. Based on your demographic; age, gender, height and current lifestyle including travel schedule, work hours, kids and anything else that could impact your health. I work with you and figure out how you can easily prepare your meals and schedule them to keep you full throughout the day and give you a boost in energy all day long. 

I will tweak your portion sizes and macros, as you lose weight to continue sustainable and healthy weight loss.  

Healthy eating and weight loss is an ongoing process. Some days I feel hungrier than others, so I know how you feel. I will give you options on where to increase your calories, and if you're the opposite and finding it's too much food, I will help you identify where you can continue to cut back your food volume to be content with your daily food consumption. We don't want to force feed you spinach and chicken! 


The information you share with me always remains confidential, and will never be shared. I want you to feel comfortable discussing the uncomfortable and difficult challenges that stand in the way of losing weight.  

One to One:

We'll set up one to one meetings either via Skype, Face to Face or via the phone. These allow me to focus on your specific circumstances and help you build the best plan for you, which will guide your weight loss. The time will be spent educating you about nutrition and discussing any challenges you are facing. I will help you build and implement a plan that you can follow easily and joyfully.

All Nutrition is Personalised:

I provide you with bespoke meal plans that support your health goals. No Meal plan is the same, we're all different. So whether that be reducing cholesterol, develop a healthier relationship with food, embracing a vegetarian lifestyle, losing weight, lowering your blood sugar levels, I will create the nutrition plan according to your goals. Your meal plans are made to suit you and fit your lifestyle taking into account your food likes and dislikes, activity level, and any food allergies &/or intolerances. 

This is not a diet!

Don't worry, you will not be hungry on my eating plans. We avoid restrictive dieting to avoid causing any physical and psychological effects that could have a negative effect on your body’s weight regulatory system. I set meal plans that are designed for you to follow, but also give you the flexibility to amend and experiment.

Extra Help

I also provide all clients with a printable grocery lists, access to The Game Changer Training app to log your food diary, FREE exercise program, recipes, my whatsapp number for constant support! 


Initial One To One Weight Loss Consultation - £60

Consultation includes: 

  • An individualised plan
  • Tips on goal setting, managing a healthy lifestyle and getting the balance right.
  • Includes a 30 page Nutrition guide which includes:

Weekly Weight Loss Check Ins - £20 

A weekly consultation includes:

  • Adaption of your nutrition programme
  • Addressing and changes In circumstances since our last consultation
  • Detailed nutrition program for the next week including diet, lifestyle.


We also have a monthly package for our app which includes 4 workouts per week and weekly consultations for only £65 per month. View package here!