Online Personal Trainer

Access your workouts, anywhere, anytime. 

  • 5 Bespoke weekly workouts programmed for you and around you. Each week designed to push and challenge you both physically & mentally from the previous week.
  • Stress free, easy to follow with a coach at hand to guide you all delivered Through our APP.
  • Weekly Check ins. MONDAY is check in day. A short feedback from you to me so I can keep a close eye on your progress, as your program changes on the weekly or bi weekly (Depending on goals) This is to ensure accountability and add that little bit of added pressure to ensure you stay on track and get your workouts done.
  • What you put in you will get out! I will give you the strategy, tools and coaching but ultimately its up to you to take responsibility for your own life and actions.
  • Nutrition. Here at The Game changer HQ we have two qualified nutritional coaches, myself & Ale. We believe that your food should be flexible and structured around your calories intake and quality of macronutrients for you to reach your desired goals. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy your food and social life, its just how it’s done that counts.We will set your calories and macros based on your monthly check ins and will aim to educate you on the basics principles of nutrition with our stress free easy guidelines. (We can take the hassle out for you with ‘The Game Changer Kitchen’ meal prep service)
  • £90 for 90 days-3-month commitment. Why? Well because Rome wasn’t built in a day and the process takes time. Your programming will arrive in x3 monthly blocks. Again, each one progressively more challenging than the last- my goal is for you to fall in love with your health & fitness and ignite the passion for training again and look forward to hitting your next workout and crushing your goals, beating your times and achieving PRs.
Who is this for?
  • You must be self-driven and motivated, just turning up and going through the motions won’t cut the mustard. You MUST train with conviction and fall in love with the process.Progress not perfection…This is why I emphasise on check ins…accountability is key…
  • For any individuals looking to take their health and fitness to the next level, whether your goals be weight loss, building muscle or all round looking and feeling good in your own skin then this is for you. Novice to professional athletes we will build you a program that fits and is for you and you only.
  • Strength & Conditioning for athlete’s is an area that we specialise in, working and developing athletes, whether that be in person, or online we have you covered- get in touch so we can discuss in more depth.
  • Traveling to our athlete’s club or place of training is something that is common practise, or you can visit our private facility in Milton Keynes. We have two coaches at your disposal, one in the UK and one in Spain/Gibraltar both of us with the experience of being professional athletes.

What this program will give you
  • Build your strength
  • Increase your fitness
  • Challenge you mentally & physically
  • Educate you on how to train
  • Hopefully increase your confidence & happiness in your own skin
  • Enforce and establish healthy eating habits by developing good relationships with foods, learn how to flexibly fuel your body and keep your social life!
Your first 90 days begins the day your program is delivered. We will always aim to have your program sent and ready for you to start on a Monday to fall in with ‘Monday check ins’
What happens once my 90 days are complete…?
Apart from you being a machine and a confident, well-constructed bad ass… you move on/are promoted to the next phase and begin another completely new and challenging 90 days.

Maybe your goal post have moved…? Maybe you have some new goals now you have built a physique that can move well and looks great. The process starts again…

Constant and never ending improvement - Tony Robbins

What do I need?
  • A gym membership or access to gym equipment is preferred. There is an adaptation for
  • everything, be sure to give full feedback when where appropriate so we can adjust when needed.
  • I do suggest getting some resistance bands (Small glute bands for girls & large bands for both guys and girls)… These are very cheap from amazon and should be an essential in your gym bag.
  • A self-driven, motivated attitude. If I could do all the reps and set for you I would! But accountability for your actions is key.
  • Your Program will be delivered through a FREE App ‘True Coach’ where you will have access to all videos for all exercises along with nutritional info and any and all documents. Here you will have the ability for feed back and comments for each workout.
You will receive 5 Workouts delivered on a weekly/bi weekly basis (goal dependant) If you require less, please let us know and we will allocate you what you need- for example you may be training 3x a week, you will get your 3 workouts for each week.
Workouts are scheduled and allocated to each day- I ask for everyone to tell me each week which days they will be training so I allocate accordingly. If you miss a workout, no problem you can go back and cycle through all workouts both past and present.

Final Note I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes…
‘Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others cant…’ – Jerry Rice
Heavily used by the worlds fittest man Matt Fraser
I look forward to you joining the team and becoming part of our community, we strive to push everyone we work with to become the best version of themselves both physically but in life too.

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